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Sitting here alone... Listening to the rain and thinking of you.
March, 2004 Victor H. Schlosser

As the rain falls I sit here listening to its patter.
If I get up and look out the window I can watch it dancing across the grass.
The beauty is inescapable.

The falling rain transforms the air, leaving it clean, crisp and fresh.
I open the windows to allow this to enter.

As it is morning, I put on a fresh pot of coffee.
The beans perfectly blended and freshly ground with just a touch of cinnamon.
The aroma moves gently throughout the house riding on the breeze from the open windows.

As the coffee brews I build a fire.
The warmth enters the room taking the edge off of the cool breeze moving through.
The light from the fire dances across the room, competing with the pale blue light from outside.

The coffee is finished, I get a large mug and add a touch of White Chocolate and some cream.
I wish I had some fresh, warm, Oatmeal cookies to top this off.

I turn the sofa towards the windows.
Moving it closer to enjoy the show.
I pull out a blanket and cover myself.

Thinking about your touch.
The smell of your hair.
The feel of your skin as you lean against me here under the blanket.
I sip my coffee and enjoy the beauty dancing in the yard.

Sitting here alone... Listening to the rain and thinking of you!