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Business Card Collecting

I first started collecting cards about 1976 or so. I had just started out on my first real job and had business cards of my own. As I gave out my cards I received a lot of other peoples cards in return. I kept all these cards and over the years developed a rather large collection. I also collected matchbook covers and liked putting together sets of matching business cards and matchbook covers from the same business. This is very hard to do now because with all the anti-smoking sentiment the only matchbook covers I can currently find are for bars and some restaurants.

About seven or eight years ago my house was broken into and we had a lot of things stolen. One of the things stolen was my business card collection. At that point I got frustrated and sent what little stuff I had left to a fellow collector for him to add to his collection. A little over a year ago I realized that I was starting to hoard business cards again, so I figured that it is time for me to restart my collection.

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